For the love of the icon

Laude London caters to the authentic outspoken nature of the icon.


About Us

Our Vision

Laude London caters to the authentic outspoken nature of the icon. Unlimited and unapologetic.

Our vision is to generate excellence in the Music Business and all creative industries.

At Laude we cater to, singers, songwriters, producers as well as other creatives in the music industry. Laude is management for the Icon.

Our Mission

To encourage the scalability of our icons

    • To increase the knowledge and value of our creatives
    • To improve the quality of music and artist etiquette
    • To create frameworks, structure and guidance to manoeuvring through the music business
    • To connect creatives

Our Specialties

We provide a holistic approach when providing our services but we are best known for:

  • Music Consultancy
  • Release Management
  • A&R
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing


Laude London Key Services


The "doing": Enough talk, it's time for action. With our Management services, we handle the day to day of delivery


The "advice": We leverage our knowledge and experience to provide recommendations on best practise and industry standards


The "guidance": We generate and implement development strategies for the artist; ensuring they the best they can be whilst being are desirable for labels and investors. We keep the artist authentic


The "foundation": We create the building blocks for a strong brand which enables brand awareness, brand loyalty and product placement


The "visibility": We ensure that you and your product reach your target in the best way possible whilst keeping it true to your vision and your sound

Leading Ladies at Laude London

Meet the lead consultants behind the Icon!

Elz Erinle

Elz Erinle


  • A&R
  • Corporate Services
  • Royalty and Intellectual Property


Gracey Mae

Gracey Mae


  • Brand Development
  • PR
  • Project Activation


Jay Erin

Jay Erin


  • Campaigns & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Label Services