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At Laude London we cater to, singers, songwriters, producers as well as other creatives in the music industry. We recognise that every artist has a unique set of needs . We've tailored our packages to enhance every area of your musical career.

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Artist & Repetoire

At Laude London we recognise the new age of music business! There is no longer any reason that people outside of the major label system can’t make the same quality records with well known A-List producers, writers & engineers. If you have great talent or great material and are looking for someone to help you bring that to life, Laude London offers you a solution.

Project Activation

At Laude London, we understand that your release management is as important as the product itself. You do yourself a disservice, if your strategy and implementation are not maximised to its full potential. It is important to activate the release of your product in the most creative, yet efficient and effective as possible. We do this with the artist’s creative vision in mind.

Digital Marketing

As printed media prove less effective, digital marketing is key. It has become an integral part of every successful campaign.

Laude London ensures that content is curated with specific applications and placements in mind in order to maximise artists’ visibility and awareness.

We trigger conversions that translates to sales.


Brand Development

A strong brand differentiates the artist from the icon. The strength of your brand will determine your longevity in this industry and the success of your product.

Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. It differentiates you from the compeition. Your brand should make you synonymous with your sound. Your audience want to be rely on you to evoke a certain feeling.

We work to ensure that your brand values, vision, mission, voice, personality, story and messaging create a strong brand.

Corporate Services

You've created a great product, now let's get you paid!

This package aims to provide advice on how best to secure your legal rights and royalties, provide you with support to gain back from big investors, prep you to secure partnerships and endorsement deals with trusted brands and support you with creating a more lucrative positioning for your  brand and product.

We here at Laude London are also on hand to guide you through the process if you wish to upgrade your package from consultancy to management.

Event Production

There are several key moments in your career which require you to host an event. This could be a significant launch for your release or a club tour for your latest project; this could be a private listening party for industry investors, tastemakers and influencers, or an album signing, whatever the occasion, Laude London is here to help.

From inception to delivery, we cover the strategy, planning, sourcing and delivery in every stage of the event production cycle; working with trusted venues and suppliers to curate an experience fitting for an Icon.